Marsha Moyer

The countdown to Stardust is on . . .

Return of the Stardust Cowgirl, the fourth and final book in the Lucy Hatch series, will be published on February 26, 2008. Look for pre-order info at and Or you can ask yourself WWL(ucy)D? and order it from Wal-Mart.

The calendar has just been updated with forthcoming appearances in Austin, College Station, Houston, Round Rock, Dallas, and San Antonio. More events will be listed as they’re scheduled.

If you haven’t read Heartbreak Town yet, what are you waiting for? Texas Monthly says, “Moyer’s whip-smart storytelling elevates the amiable chick lit of her third Lucy Hatch book well above the genre” (which raises the question, If it’s above the genre, is it still of the genre? Oh, never mind) and praises “the artist’s skill and humor.” Get your copy today! In fact, why not get several for friends and family members? They make great Christmas/birthday/shotgun-wedding presents.

I was sad to learn that Sylva Billue passed away in an accident near her home in Winston-Salem, NC in late September. Sylva founded and funded the Syvenna Foundation, a rural retreat for women writers, outside Linden, TX. I had the honor of being a resident there in the winter of 1990, and the place, and Sylva, changed my life. I’d just dedicated Return of the Stardust Cowgirl to Sylva about 10 days before hearing of her death. Her loss to the world is profound, as was her impact upon it.

Finally, if you’re not already watching Friday Night Lights on NBC, sit yourself in front of a TV this Friday at 8 p.m. CST and find out what all the fuss is about. Love of high school football and all things Texas helpful but optional. And wouldn’t Connie Britton, who plays Coach Taylor’s wife, Tami, make an awesome Lucy Hatch?


New book out June 26

The third Lucy Hatch book, Heartbreak Town, will be released on June 26 by Three Rivers Press/Crown, with a fourth (and final) book in the series, Return of the Stardust Cowgirl, to follow in Spring 2008. Heartbreak Town is available now to pre-order at Just click on “books” above for a link.

Here’s what Publishers Weekly says about Heartbreak Town:

The latest installment of this chick lit with a drawl series from Moyer finds Lucy Hatch, the sassy East Texan, back home in Mooney after fleeing Nashville and her country crooner hubby, Ash Farrell. But just when Lucy’s settling into her old job at the flower shop and new life as a single mom, Ash roars into town in a rainstorm, on the run from rehab with a wounded heart, shattered dreams and a trashy trailer that he parks in Lucy’s yard. Oddball characters in the extended Hatch clan keep this sweet soaper bubbling along, and a subplot featuring Ash’s grown daughter, Denny, an aspiring country singer and stupid-in-love newlywed, hints of sequels to come. Moyer makes Lucy’s coming-of-middle-age love story unabashedly raw and messily real.

The calendar has just been updated with the first promotional events for Heartbreak Town. Check back for more good stuff, including additional book tour info, in the weeks to come.

Special thanks to Barnes & Noble for choosing me to be their Austin-area Author of the Month and to Kathy Patrick of the mighty Pulpwood Queens of northeast Texas for naming Heartbreak Town the PQs’ Bonus Book for July. Kathy writes of Heartbreak Town for Southern Living‘s Texas Book Club:

The Pulpwood Queens consider author Marsha Moyer our author-in-residence as this book, the third in her trilogy of Lucy Hatch, is set in our backyard. Sassy Lucy heads back to East Texas after running away from her Nashville country western artist husband, Ash Farrell. This middle age love story has everything the Pulpwood Queens love: romance, flowers, and music, and set in our own neck of the woods. I just happen to know that fictitious Mooney, Texas is actually Linden, Texas , home of Music City Texas, U.S.A! You want to know East Texas, read a Marsha Moyer book!


New year, new look

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update. My excuse? I’ve just finished up the manuscript for the fourth book and am working on the epilogue (though still no title yet). The good news is that it appears the book will be released in Spring 2008, less than a year after the third one. Maybe that will appease those readers who’ve been chomping at the bit for the next installment of Lucy & Co.

Meanwhile, we’re in the process of overhauling the site, making it easier to navigate, and will be giving it a fresh look just as soon as the cover art for Heartbreak Town is finalized. Thanks to all of you who’ve continued to wait patiently (pub date is June 26, only five months from now!) and to email me with your encouragement and support.

Hope your new year has been happy so far.

January 23, 2007


Do you NaNo?

My fellow fiction writers no doubt know that November is National Novel Writing Month. I’m not participating, but I have taken the principles of NaNo and applied them to my own work. To read about my experience, visit and check out my posts of November 8th (“How Marsha Got Her Groove Back”) and 15th (“What I’ve Learned From NaNo So Far”).

November 15, 2006


More exciting blog news!

Teresa Medeiros emailed me to say that she’s chosen The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch as her featured book this Saturday, Sept. 23, on, a weekly book blog she shares with 5 other New York Times bestselling authors. (I’ve heard of those. They’re like unicorns, right?) Ms. Medeiros wrote that she was “utterly blown away by the magic of your prose and your wonderful storytelling abilities” and that she’s “excited to be introducing others to such an extraordinary book.” Hear, hear, and thank you, Ms. M.!

And my second post for Writer Unboxed, “What I Know For Sure (That Oprah Doesn’t),” appeared on the site yesterday, Sept. 20. If it’s not still on the main page, check the archives at

September 21, 2006


Go ahead, make a liar out of me.

I’m doing what I swore, on this very website*, I would never do. I’m blogging. As of today, I’m a weekly contributor to the website Writer Unboxed. You can view and even comment on my first post, “Girl Walks Into A Blog,” at

(*See the “Writing” section.)

So, does this make me a hypocrite? I prefer to think of it as exercising my female prerogative to change my mind.

September 13, 2006


The waiting is the hardest part . . .

. . . according to the song by Tom Petty, as well as to the number of readers who have been emailing me to bemoan the fact that it will be another whole year before the next Lucy Hatch novel is in their hands.

If you haven’t checked this site recently, the big news is that Three Rivers Press, an imprint of Crown Publishers, will publish the third Lucy book, Heartbreak Town, in June 2007 and its sequel in 2008.

To all you eager/impatient fans: I sympathize. As a reader, I know the feeling of closing the covers on a book I’ve loved and rushing to the bookstore or the Web to see if that writer has written another. If we can read a book in a matter of hours, how come it takes years to write and publish one?

Creating credible, meaningful fiction (the kind we all want to read) is time-consuming. Some writers claim to be able to whip out a novel in 60 days or less, but for most, the process is a lot more arduous. And even for those of us blessed with a fair amount of discipline and flexible schedules, real life intervenes in the form of families, friends, other jobs, volunteer commitments, which often can’t wait until the muse is taking a cigarette break or a deadline has been met. For me, a solid first draft takes at least 6 months; whipping it into something I’m ready to show the world can take much longer. That’s just reality, as dictated by my limitations as a writer and a human being.

Then there’s the publishing process. What most “civilians” (non-writers) don’t know is that publishers prepare their fiction lists anywhere from 12 to 24 months in advance. When TRP and I agreed to a deal on January 31, 2006, their spring 2007 list had just been set. Thus, the very soonest it’s possible to get my third book out, taking into account the various contortions a manuscript goes through once it’s acquired by a publisher, is next summer.

So, yes, the wheels turn slowly, but they are turning. As the gatekeeper of Mooney, TX, as well as a fellow book lover, I urge you to keep the faith and trust that your patience will be rewarded. Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait 12 months for a taste of Heartbreak, check out a sneak peek.

As for the fourth book, I’m 10 chapters into it and it’s going as well as can be expected, which is to say that I manage to work on it nearly every day and that I manage to be more or less satisfied with the direction it’s heading. I’m learning that the longer a series goes on, the more challenging it becomes to flesh out the continuing characters, to say nothing of adding new ones, and to keep the story lines fresh and entertaining. There are frustrations, but more often there are pleasant and even delightful surprises. For example, Erasmus just keeps popping up when I least expect him, as he did in Honky-tonk Angels. And the question of whether Ash and his mother will ever reconcile will be answered (sort of) in Book 4.

Many of you have written to ask if the series will continue beyond the fourth book. Of course I can’t say for certain, but my gut tells me that Book 4 will be the end of the road for the folks of Mooney, TX. By the time it’s published, I will have spent nine years with these characters, and while they’ve been good to me, I’m chomping at the bit to do something new. In fact, there are a couple of ideas and even partial manuscripts in the mill. If you’ve got something to say on the matter, don’t hesitate to email me. Your comments are always appreciated. (Maybe I’ll pull a McMurtry, and revisit Mooney in 10 or 15 years to see how the characters are holding up.)

In addition to the fourth Lucy novel, I’m currently developing an idea for a non-fiction book and preparing a workshop for the Writers’ League of Texas this fall. I’ve enjoyed visiting with a number of local book clubs recently, and was a featured speaker at the WLT’s Writers at the UT Club celebration of Texas Writers’ Month in May.

Also in May, the terrific website Writer Unboxed posted a two-part interview with me. Check it out at

Anything else you want to know that you don?¬¢‚Äö?ᬮ‚Äö?묢t see? Check the FAQs, or email me directly.

With gratitude for your continued interest and support,

June 27, 2006